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<p>IT Questions is a website where you can find answers to your Information Technology questions. You can easily post questions and answers and find information on a variety of IT topics, including virtualization, cloud computing, security, storage, networking, business analytics, data centers and business process management.</p> <p>As a community member, you can earn reputation points by helping other members of the community with their IT challenges. Doing so increases your reputation and your visibility as an IT expert. You earn reputation points by asking questions, answering questions, providing comments and voting on other members' answers. Through a little magic and behind-the-scenes wizardry, each positive action results in an improvement in your reputation. (the potions are listed in our xxxx section so you aren't conjuring spells in the dark).</p> <p>The beauty of IT Questions' underlying system is that it's dynamic, and each entry can continually be improved to provide the maximum amount of utility to the members who visit the site. See a question that you think needs an additional tag? Simply add what you believe is appropriate to help the next person who looks for that search term. Think an answer is incomplete and could do with a little augmentation? Add a comment or an additional answer to make it more useful.</p> <p>IT Questions is a community site that benefits from your involvement. As you contribute to the site, the community gains trust in your expertise, you gain credibility and you have the opportunity to become a trusted IT Questions partner, which brings you increased exposure and other rewards. We've made it easy to be a part of the community and have made the use of the site even easier. We look forward to having you join us!</p>